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Unexpected weights alter the brain response when observing lifting movement

A new experiment that I co-authored on the neural network involved in action observation is now published in Journal of Neuroscience. This work was performed by Guy Rens, in collaboration with Alessandro Botta, Mareike Gann, Jean-Jacques Orban de Xivry and Marco Davare: article in Journal of Neuroscience.

Paper accepted for Eurohaptics conference on density perception

Our conference paper for Eurohaptics has been accepted! In it, we show that when subjects have to estimate the density of objects, they are influenced by the object’s mass, and more so when objects are denser. This work was performed by my former master student, Lara Merken. I will present this research at the conference in September.


New preprint of a TMS study on object lifting and weight perception

The preprint of the results of a new study is now online. In this study, I used TMS to investigate the role of two brain areas in the control of object lifting and the perception of object weight. You can find the preprint on BioRxiv.

Size–weight illusion in virtual reality paper published

The article on the size–weight illusion in virtual reality from earlier this year has now been published in Scientific Reports. As previously described, we demonstrate that size has much less influence on how heavy an object feels, if the size and weight are simultaneously changed after lifting the object. You can check a video of the experiment on my Twitter account.

New insights into the size-weight illusion: preprint online

Our latest preprint is now on bioRxiv. We demonstrate that size has much less influence on how heavy an object feels, if the size and weight are simultaneously changed after lifting the object.

New paper in Neuropsychologia

One of my recent papers has now been published in Neuropsychologia. When lifting an object, force planning is based on previous experience. Here we show this information is acquired during the dynamic lifting of objects, not during the static holding phase.

Poster presentation at Brain Stimulation Conference

I will present my results on the contribution of the motor cortex to force planning on Monday 25 February in Vancouver, Canada, during the 3rd International Brain Stimulation Conference. If you are there, come have a look!

To new preprints online

Recently, I have placed two preprints on bioRxiv, on sensory information in object lifting. The first article shows the importance of the dynamic phase in storing information of lifting experience. The second article is about the contribution of haptic and visual information in object lifting and weight perception. Both experiments were performed using our nice virtual reality setup!


Flanders Science Day

Our motor control lab can be found at Flanders Science Day(Dag van de Wetenschap) again on 25 November, where we demonstrate various fun motor and perception tasks to the general public.

Poster at Society for Neuroscience Conference

Today, you can see my work at the annual conference of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego (US). Here, we look at the effects of TMS on the anterial intraparietal area on how forces are controlled and how weight is perceived when lifting objects of different sizes.

New paper published on grasping

How do you grasp a cup of coffee? Find out in a new paper on the effect of affordances on grasping that I co-authored with Elisabeth Rounis and Marco Davare, now published in Scientific Reports.


Postdoctoral Fellowship from FWO awarded

Fantastic news: the results of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) Postdoctoral Fellowship grants were announced today, and I was awarded one of them. That means I will be able to continue my research at KU Leuven for another three years. I look forward to working with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and discovering a lot more about how the interaction between the motor and perception system works!

Paper published in Scientific Reports

A new paper on haptic perception (‘The role of connectedness in haptic object perception’) that I co-authored with Myrthe Plaisier and Astrid Kappers from VU Amsterdam has just been published in Scientific Reports.


Research grant from FWO obtained

Good news! I have recently been allocated a research grant by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) to cover my research equipment expenses in the next years.

Flemish Science Day

My colleagues and I were to be found at the Flemish Science Day (Dag van de Wetenschap) 2016 in Leuven today. We had the opportunity to present our work to the interested public, and had several fun experiments available for the youngest generation of future scientists!